Sushi Corner

Enjoy even fresher products, handcrafted on site, in our sushi corners in 37 Migros stores throughout Switzerland.


Sushi Mania products are available in almost all Migros supermarkets in Switzerland. In addition to Japanese products (sushi, onigiri, edamame), a whole range of delicious ultra-fresh products is available in stores: poke bowls, salads, Asian ready meals (Thai, Indian, Malaysian, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese flavors), spring rolls, summer rolls, etc.

About Sushi Mania

Sushi Mania is the Swiss leader in sushi and Asian specialties and aims to prepare tasty and authentic dishes from fresh and high quality products for the wholesalers. Innovation is at the heart of its activities in order to be as close as possible to market trends and thus continuously offer new and unique products.

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