In addition to Japanese products (sushi, chirashi, edamame), a whole range of delicious ultra-fresh products is offered in the stores: poke bowls, salads, Asian ready meals (Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Chinese, Vietnamese flavors, etc.), spring rolls, summer rolls.



Discover here our sushi assortment, available in more than 600 Migros stores throughout Switzerland. Nigiri, Hoso-Maki, Dragon Rolls are on the menu. There is also an organic and vegetarian offer in our sushi range. All our sushi products are accompanied by ginger, soy sauce and wasabi.

Poke Bowls

The Poke Bowl has its origins in traditional Hawaiian cuisine. Our line comes in seven variations using raw fish, smoked fish, chicken, or vegetarian ingredients.


"Chirashi Sushi" means "scattered sushi" in Japanese, and this dish is a staple of Japanese cuisine. Unlike other sushi dishes, chirashi consists of a bowl of rice topped with slices of raw fish.


The Sushi Wrap is a double roll of sushi rice surrounded by nori seaweed, topped with slices of smoked fish or spicy poultry, ready to eat like a burrito. Ideal for a snack on the go.

Rice Sandwiches

Rice Sandwich is a convenient snack made of two "slices" of sushi rice cut in a triangle, with a tasty filling between the two slices. Ideal for a lunch on the go.


Bento (or "O bentō") is a widespread concept in Japan, which consists of offering a complete meal in a compartmentalized box. This dish includes a cardboard-box of rice and protein to reheat or eat cold, 4 hoso-maki, a small salad with dressing, and a mochi for dessert.


The Japanese equivalent of a sandwich, the Onigirazu is a specialty that combines Japanese tradition and original flavors. The Onigirazu Box formula is a complete and advantageous meal, composed of two onigirazu and a salad.

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