Our sushi chefs ("itamae" as they are called in Japan) put all their know-how at your disposal in order to prepare high quality sushi platters or artisanal sushi by the piece (hoso-maki, chu-maki, nigiri), tasty Asian lunch boxes and ultra-fresh salads to take away, poke bowls, chirashi, mochi (Japanese desserts) and delicious Asian sauces to enhance your own creation. The fish and shellfish (salmon, tuna, shrimps) are prepared on the spot and in front of the customer, in order to guarantee a greater freshness.


Discover here our selection of ultra-fresh sushi, made in the Migros Sushi Corners (about forty throughout Switzerland). Nigiri, Hoso-Maki, Dragon Rolls are in the assortment. There is also a vegetarian offer in our sushi line.


The chirashis assortment consists of two kinds of rice bowls, garnished with slices of raw fish. These menus are to be eaten cold.

Poke Bowls

Our "bowls" assortment consists of four Poke Bowls (fusion dishes of Hawaiian origin made with rice, raw or smoked fish, vegetables and sauce). These cold food menus are a perfect blend of colors and flavors.

Small Salads

As a side dish, appetizer or for a picnic, our little snack salads will make you travel with their original and delicious flavors.

Big Salads

The assortment of salad menus combines freshness, color and Asian influences. These delicious take-out dishes are ideal for a healthy lunch.


Sweet or spicy, Sushi Mania's fresh Asian sauces go well with all your raw or cooked fish, poultry or vegetable dishes. Our sauces must be kept in a cool place. And beware, they are deliciously addictive!


Let us prepare beautiful platters for you, and relax and enjoy a friendly moment with your guests or colleagues. Order directly from one of our sushi corners and have a great time.

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